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    Fredorch Premium sex machine with big dildo,360 degree adjustment powerful,quiet,love machine for women unlock any position

    Product Parameters:
    Input Voltage:110-240V/50~60HZ
    Output Voltage:24V/5A
    Speed: 0-360 times/min
    Running Noise Test:30-50db
    Adjustable angle: arbitrary
    Remote control battery model: 27a12v
    Control mode: frequency conversion remote control
    Host size: 13cm * 44cm;
    Machine weight: 10KG;
    Adjustment method: one button adjustment;
    Choucha distance: 3-13cm;
    Bracket material: aluminum oxidation. Solid optical axis;
    Full-angle adjustment and high-low adjustment:
    360-degree full-angle use, unlock any position,
    far beyond the peer products.
    Quick release handle with one button to adjust
    the angle. Lying.. Sit. Stand. Side lying....... 3-13cm thrust distance,
    no noisy in the same room;

     Package Include (What's in the box)
    Parcel Including below items
    1 X Main Machine Body
    1 X Solid H Shape Rod (Frame Support)
    1 X Power Supplier Set
    2 X Speed Controller(Intelligent version of the remote control)
    1 X Plug Converter Adapter(If Needed)
    1 X A001:(3XLR Connector) Total Length: 9cm ,Diameter: 1.5cm,net weight 58g;
    1 X A003:(Spring Attachment) Total Length: 8cm ,Diameter: 1.4cm,net weight 38g;
    1 X A005:(Black Adapter) Total Length: 12cm ,Insertable Length: 9.5cm ,Diameter: 2.5cm,net weight 109g;
    1 X A016:(standard dildo) Total Length: 21cm ,Insertable Length: 15cm ,Diameter: 4cm,net weight 385g;
    1 X A021:(Black Male Masturbation Cup) Total Length: 26CM: Insertable Length: 13cm ,Max Width: 6CM:Net Weight: 560g;
    1 x User Manual

    Remote control use and matching method:
    Within 6 seconds after power on, hold down the second and third keys of the remote control at the same time and aim at the heat dissipation hole near the power socket of the host computer. The red light in the electrical box flashes once and
    the match is successful. If remote control indicator light becomes dim or remote control is in failure in use. Please replace the battery in time.The battery model is 27a12v
    Intelligent version of the remote control
    Speed plus
    Start stop
    Speed minus
    Fast 4 seconds slow 2 seconds
    Frequency conversion acceleration
    accumulates pleasure, you can
    not stop.
    Slow speed: 4 seconds fast 2 seconds
    Decelerate immediately after the climax
    Switch modes at will
    Method of bracket installation:
    Find the retroverted angle.Install and tighten 3 screws, it is OK.
    Warm Prompt:
    1. If the indicator light of the remote control becomes dim or the remote control is not sensitive, the battery should be replaced in time. The battery model is 27a12V.
    2. When the machine is running, do not use handle to adjust the machine to avoid clamping.
    3. If the adapter is damaged, it can be replaced with 120w24v adapter.
    4. The control type is radio frequency remote control, and entertainment in high frequency signal area should be avoided as far as possible, which will cause interference to the control of the machine, such as high-power router and so on.
    5.Make sure use the machine in open space,in order to avoid the drive shaft get stuck.
    6.Lt is forbidden wash the thrust bar by water.
    7.Lf the machine make noise because of the friction.
    8.Please oil to keep it running smoothly.

    Care Instructions;
    FREDORCH adopt self lubricating bearing design,but we still sugguest add lubricating oil regularly for every 2~3 months to ensure the smoothy of machine.




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Fredorch Sex Machine 120W 360 Angle Adjustable with Dildos Attachments for Women

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Premium Sex Machine,never stop,360°degree adjusted,3-13cm stroke length,2 Intelligent Remote Control Say Goodbye to Monotony More Features--Actually More Than These
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